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arrowbubble.gif Britt Festival
Local Talent
arrowbubble.gif Mambo Rico, a salsa dance band based in Ashland
Instrumentation: piano, bass, 4-piece percussion section and a 4-piece horn section. Four band members also sing. The traditional coro/pregun (call and response) salsa song form is used - with lead vocals sung against backing vocals (coro) and horn lines. Most of the repertoire is up-tempo salsa music - with some more relaxed Cha Cha Cha's and Boleros (ballads) mixed in. The typical Mambo Rico dance concert features Maya Lyn starting things off with a dance lesson. The lesson introduces participants to salsa dancing and serves as a warm-up for the live music. The Mambo Rico lineup: Veronica DeLeon Piano/vocals Jimmy Garcia Vocals/trumpet Marshall Mueller Saxophones/vocals/horn arranger Cindy Eggers Flute/vocals Brendan Girard Tenor Saxophone/vocals Chris Wood Congas/percussion arranger Mike Fitch Timbales/percussion John Gronberg Bass Cody Bustamante Percussion Anne Muth Piano/vocals Maya Lyn Dance/guiro
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