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Celebrate EarthDay Everyday, with FreBa, another Gift to Ashland, from Project A!

FreBa Logo
FreBa Logo

We thought it appropriate to launch FreBa (pronounced FreeBay) on EarthDay!

What Is FreBa?
Just because you don't want it anymore, doesn't mean someone else can't use it, and that's the philosophy behind FreBa. Waste reduction in public landfills is a critical issue. If you are concerned about the environment and want to do your part to keep solid waste to a minimum, FreBa can help to keep useful items out of the landfills.

Please help me pass the word around.  is now live. (it even has 2 real postings on it as of this email)

Hopefully we can get links on other sites as well.

I can use your help. Please Use it! And Tell everyone you know, that Ashland is the first in the world to have FreBa.

The online materials exchange is up and running at


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