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Q: Where is Ashland Oregon?

A: Ashland, Oregon is nestled in the Siskiyou Mountains and looks into the Cascades from its location in the southern basin of the Rogue Valley of southern Oregon. It is accessed by Interstate 5 approximately 15 miles north of the California border.

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Q: What are the zip and area codes?

A: The zip code is 97520.

The area code 541.

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Q: What does Ashland have to do with Shakespeare?

A: Ashland OR is the home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, a reportory theatre which offers 15 different plays in 3 different theaters nine months out of the year. Their website address is

For more information, contact  or call (541)482-4331.

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Q: What is the weather like in Ashland?

A: Ashland's location at the Southern end of the Rogue Valley between the Siskiyou and Cascade ranges has an elevation of approximately 1,800 feet above sea level. Ashland averages 19 inches of rainfall a year, not nearly the rainfall amounts our neighbors to the North like Portland or Eugene receive. During the colder months after an overnight snowfall on the valley floor it usually melts by mid-morning. Ashland enjoys four very distinct seasons.

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